Mailbox Import Errors

Various errors can occur when importing mailboxes.

When importing mailboxes, the Control Panel performs two different checks, which can result in different errors.

The first check is performed after the user has selected a CSV file for mailbox import. The mailbox addresses are checked for the correct format and for repetitions. It is also checked if the environments exist in the Control Panel. The following errors are possible and are listed in the summary under Invalid CSV records::

  1. The email address format is invalid.: The listed addresses contain format errors (see valid format under CSV Files for Mailbox Import).

    If these errors occur while updating existing mailboxes, no other contents of the affected CSV records are imported, even if they are valid.

  2. Alias and primary addresses are identical.: In the affected record, the same address is listed as both the primary mailbox and the alias mailbox.
  3. There are different entries for the same primary address.: The CSV file contains several records with different alias mailboxes or environments for one primary mailbox. None of these records are imported into the Control Panel.
  4. Unknown environment.: An environment with this name does not exist for the domain in the Control Panel. For the correct spelling of the names of the primary environment and the secondary environments, see CSV Files for Mailbox Import. The record is not imported into the Control Panel.
  5. Missing environment entry.: No environment has been defined for this mailbox. The record is not imported into the Control Panel.
Figure 1: Error display after CSV file selection

The second check takes place after the administrator has triggered the import. The domains of the mailboxes to be imported are checked. If a mailbox belongs to a domain that has not been defined under Customer Settings > Domains, an import error occurs. In the resulting view of import results, these errors are listed in sorted order either under Mailbox creation errors: or under Mailbox update errors:.

Figure 2: Error display after mailbox import from a CSV file

If these errors occur, the error-free contents of the affected CSV entries are imported.