CSV Files for the Import of Recipients

CSV files for the import of recipients for forward mailboxes must meet special requirements.

To ensure that an external CSV file with recipients can be imported into the Control Panel without errors, special rules regarding file extension and content structure must be observed.

Rules for creating a CSV file for the import of recipients

  • The extension of the import file is always .csv. Other file extensions, such as .txt or .docx, are not allowed and will not be accepted.
  • The CSV file contains only one column, in which individual entries are entered one below the other.
  • The first row always contains the column name and can be named individually.
  • The addresses must be correctly formatted (according to the pattern "local-part@hostname.top-level-domain").

    Incorrectly formatted addresses are not considered during the import.

  • Each row may contain only one address.
  • Duplicated entries do not affect the processing of the file, but should be avoided.