Customer Settings

Under Customer Settings, you can view and manage the basic settings for mailboxes, groups, domains, and password policies.

Note: To make settings for a customer, switch to the corresponding scope of the corresponding customer (domain) in the scope selection.
As an administrator, you can view settings for mailboxes, groups, domains, and password policies and change them as follows:
  • Managing basic user data
  • Adding/removing alias addresses,
  • Defining a deputy
  • Setting delivery times for filters & reports
  • Managing group members
  • Changing group names
  • Adjusting group descriptions
  • Deleting groups
  • Deleting domains
  • Adding new mailboxes / forward mailboxes / groups / domains
  • Exporting existing mailboxes / groups / domains as a CSV file
  • Importing existing CSV files with mailboxes / / domains
  • Defining password policies
  • Assigning IP addresses
Figure 1: Customer settings in the Control Panel