Ruleset Order

Spam and Malware Protection rules are processed according to a specific priority. If a rule with a high priority applies, processing is usually terminated. In some cases, this can lead to messages being blocked despite an allow list entry for the sender’s address, because the IP address of the sending server is on the RBL deny list.

Rule order (from top to bottom in descending priority).

Incoming emails

  1. RBL list (block)
  2. Mass spam detection (block)
  3. Compliance Filter
  4. Check for malicious content (quarantine)
  5. Content Control, if activated (quarantine)
  6. User-based allow list string (deliver)
  7. User-based deny list string (quarantine)
  8. Administrative allow list (deliver)
  9. Administrative deny list (quarantine)
  10. General allow list (deliver)
  11. General spam rules (quarantine)
  12. Infomail filter (quarantine)

Due to this order, it is possible to create exceptions for Content Control with Compliance Filter rules which categorize emails as Clean. However, since user-based and administrative allow lists and deny lists are applied after the Content Control rules, they cannot be used to create exceptions for Content Control.

Outgoing emails

  1. RBL list
  2. Compliance Filter
  3. Check for malicious content
  4. Content Control, if activated