Processing of Mailboxes

During the archive import, mailboxes are imported by default according to the following process.

In order to add mailboxes to the archive, we import the data of the mailboxes you sent us.


The delivered emails are not inspected for malicious content. If a mailbox file or an archive contains malicious emails, the malicious emails can be delivered again.

The mailbox import is divided into the following steps:

  1. The delivered mailbox files or archives are unzipped.
  2. It is checked if the emails in the mailbox files or in the archives can be assigned to email addresses in the Control Panel. If possible, the emails are assigned to existing users in the Control Panel. If emails cannot be assigned to any existing user, a new mailbox is created automatically in the Control Panel and the emails are assigned to it.
  3. The data and the assignments are inspected for consistency.
  4. The parallel archive import for all users of the customer is performed. The email direction (inbound/outbound) is automatically extracted from the emails. If the direction of the email cannot be identified, the emails are imported as incoming.

    Emails older than 10 years at the time of the import cannot be imported.


    Emails whose sender or recipient cannot be identified are handled according to another process (see Processing of Unidentifiable Emails).

  5. The imported data is checked in the Control Panel. If the check is successful, the data is released to the client.