Activating URL Rewriting

Activate URL Rewriting in the Control Panel.

You have activated ATP.

In the module Advanced Threat Protection, you can activate the URL Rewriting ATP engine (see Description of the ATP Engines). This ATP engine is activated by default for all users of your domain and alias domains.

  1. Navigate to Security Settings > Advanced Threat Protection in the Control Panel.
  2. Toggle the switch Active under URL REWRITING.
    Figure 1: Toggle the Activated switch

    The button turns green and a confirmation window opens.


    URL Rewriting is activated by default for all mailboxes of your domain and alias domains. If you do not want to activate URL Rewriting for all domains, please contact the support before the activation and let them know which domains you want to exclude from the activation.

  3. Click on Confirm.
    Figure 2: Confirm

URL Rewriting has been activated for all mailboxes under your domain and alias domains which were not defined as exceptions.