Real-Time Alert

Real-Time Alert informs you why emails have been intercepted.

Real-Time Alert is a notification function of ATP.

As soon as Hornetsecurity ATP detects an attack, Real-Time Alert sends a notification about a possible threat to your company. The person in charge receives information on the type of the attack, its target, the sender and the reason why the email was intercepted.

Under Security Settings > Advanced Threat Protection, the recipients of alerts can be added to (see Adding a Recipient of Alerts) or removed from (see Removing Recipients of Alerts) the recipient list.


Alerts are sent in the following cases:

Figure 1: Hornetsecurity Real-Time Alert

Figure 2: Real-Time Alert

Incoming emails which have been classified as potentially dangerous by Hornetsecurity ATP are shown in the Control Panel under the category AdvThreat.

Figure 3: Category “AdvThreat”