Spam and Malware Protection

Spam and Malware Protection is a service which blocks spam and emails containing viruses before they enter your mailboxes. Furthermore, infomail (e. g., newsletters), can be detected and rejected.

With the following features, Spam and Malware Protection offers protection against spam and infomail:

  • Virus analysis of emails with automatic updates of the virus signatures and an early alert system for new and yet unknown viruses.
  • Link tracking: Incoming and outgoing emails are automatically checked for malicious URLs.
  • Phishing mail detection: Different mechanisms, such as link tracking and malicious script command detection, prevent phishing attacks.
  • Outbound filtering: Outgoing emails are checked for spam and viruses in order to prevent the customer from involuntarily sending or forwarding malware and spam.
  • Bounce management: Spam and Malware Protection rejects bounce messages which are sent in return to spam with fake sender addresses.

Spam and Malware Protection allows the user to determine how spam and infomail are dealt with. If emails have been classified incorrectly, the user can trigger the delivery of spam and infomail under Email Live Tracking (see Email Actions).

Furthermore, the services Content Control (see About Content Control) and Compliance Filter (see About the Compliance Filter) are part of Spam and Malware Protection and can be activated if desired.