Configuring Connector for Outbound Email Traffic

You can manually set up a connector for the outbound email traffic to have your outgoing emails processed by our services before they are delivered to their recipient.

You have adjusted the SPF records of your domain.

With a connector for the outbound email traffic, it is possible to route outgoing emails of your domain through our infrastructure before they are delivered to their recipients. This allows them to be processed by our services.

  1. Log in to the administration environment of Microsoft 365.
  2. Navigate to Admin Centers > Exchange > mail flow > Connectors.
  3. Click on New.
  4. Select the point Microsoft 365 from the drop-down menu From:.
  5. Select the point Partner organization in the drop-down menu To:.
    Figure 1: Select destination server
  6. Click on Continue.
  7. Enter a name.
    Figure 2: Enter name
  8. Optional: Enter a description.
  9. Click on Continue.
  10. Select Only when I have a transport rule set up that redirects messages to this connector.
    Figure 3: Set up application
  11. Click on Continue.
  12. Enter the following Hornetsecurity smarthost for outbound email traffic:
    Figure 4: Enter smarthost
  13. Click on Save.
  14. Leave the settings on default.
    Figure 5: Settings for connection with server
  15. Click on Continue.

    An overview of the settings is displayed.

    Figure 6: Settings of new connector
  16. Click on Continue.
  17. Enter an external email address to verify your settings.

    Microsoft 365 will send a test email to that address. If your receive this email, it means the configuration was successful.

The connector for the outbound email traffic has been set up.

Next, you can create a transport rule to route outgoing emails through the new connector (see Setting up a New Transport Rule).