Creating a New Connector for Journal Reports

You can create a connector for archiving emails.

You have enabled the Archiving service in the Hornetsecurity Control Panel for all your domains. You have not configured any connector for the outbound email traffic (see Configuring Connector for Outbound Email Traffic).

If no connector has been created for the outbound traffic of your domain (see Configuring Connector for Outbound Email Traffic) and you want to enable archiving for your internal emails with a journal rule, you need to create a special connector through which the journal reports will be routed.

This setting is only necessary in very unlikely individual cases. Please note that without a general connector for the outbound email traffic, archiving of external emails is not possible either.

  1. Select mail flow > Connectors > connectors.
  2. Select the point Microsoft 365 in the drop-down menu From:.
  3. Select the point Partner organization in the drop-down menu To:.
    Figure 1: Select destination server
  4. Click on Continue.
  5. Define a name for the new connector (e. g., Relay (Journal)).
    Figure 2: Define name
  6. Click on Continue.
  7. Select Only when email messages are sent to these domains and enter the following domains:
    Figure 3: Setup application
  8. Click on Continue.
  9. Select Route email through these smart hosts and enter the following domains:
    Figure 4: Add smart host
  10. Click on Continue without making adjustments on the following TLS configuration.
    Figure 5: TLS configuration
    You can see a review of the configured connector. This should look similar to this:
    Figure 6: Overview of configured connector
  11. Click on Continue.
  12. To test whether the connection is working, enter the following email address to send a test email: <customer_domain.tld>

    Replace <customerdomain.tld> with your actual domain.

    Figure 7: Validate connector
  13. If the test was successful, click on Save.

    Your settings are saved.

A new connector for journal reports has been created.