Creating a Journal Rule for Internal Emails

You can create a journal rule for internal emails to send journal reports to a specific email address, thus triggering their archiving.

You have enabled the Archiving service in the Hornetsecurity Control Panel for all your domains. You have configured a connector for outbound email traffic (see Configuring Connector for Outbound Email Traffic or Creating a New Connector for Journal Reports).

Journal rules can be used to send internal emails as attachments to so-called journal reports to a specific external email address for archiving purposes. If the matching connector is available, your internal emails will be archived by our services.

  1. Open the Exchange Admin Center.
  2. Select Compliance management > Journal rules.
  3. Click on New.
  4. Enter a name in the input field Name.
  5. Enter following in the input field Send journal reports to: <customer_domain.tld>

    The placeholder <customer_domain.tld> represents the primary domain that has been defined in the Hornetsecurity Control Panel.

  6. Select the point [Apply to all messages] in the drop-down menu If the message is sent to or received from....
  7. Select the point Internal messages only in the drop-down menu Journal the following messages....
    Figure 1: Apply new journal rule
  8. Click on Save.

    Your changes are saved.

A journal rule for internal emails has been created.