Adjusting SPF Records

To make sure that emails routed through the Hornetsecurity services are not classified as spam, you can add Hornetsecurity as a valid sender for your domain.

The SPF records of your domains must point to our own SPF records. Thus, Hornetsecurity is recognized as a valid sender by the incoming email servers, and the emails sent via our smarthost are not classified as spam during the SPF check (see SPF Check).

  1. Log in to the administration environment of Microsoft 365.
  2. Navigate to Setup > Domains.
  3. Select the domain you have registered with Hornetsecurity.
  4. Add the following SPF record: TXT "v=spf1 ~all"

    If you have additional systems sending outgoing emails for the affected domain, add those to the SPF record as well.

Your SPF records have been adjusted.