Activating the Continuity Service

Activate the Continuity Service to receive emails in case of a service disruption.

If the Microsoft services fail or the services be temporarily unavailable, this also affects your access to your mailbox. Emails can then be neither sent nor received which can harm your entire business processes. In such an event, Continuity Service is your stand-by system which – activated in mere seconds – keeps your email correspondence up and running.


Continuity Service is only included in 365 Total Protection Enterprise and you must activate it manually to configure the settings.

  1. Navigate to Security Settings > Continuity Service.
  2. Activate the checkbox Continuity Service, stores clean Emails for 3 months. With 365 Total Protection Enterprise you do not have to pay any additional fees for this service.
  3. Select whether all mailboxes of the domain or only certain mailboxes should be covered by the service:
    1. If you select All users, all mailboxes of the domain will be covered.
    2. If you select Selected users only, the click on Select and select the mailboxes you want.
    Figure 1: Continuity Service, activating

You have activated Continuity Service.