Option A: Set up a transport rule for internal emails

You can have your internal emails routed through Hornetsecurity with a transport rule to enable their archiving.

  1. Log in to the administration environment of Microsoft 365.
  2. Navigate to mail flow > Rules > Rules.
  3. Select More options....
    Figure 1: Further options
  4. Enter a name for the new rule.
  5. Select Apply this rule, if... > The recipient is located... > Inside the organization.
    Figure 2: Setup new rule
  6. Select the point Redirect the message to... > The following connector from the drop-down menu Do the following....
  7. Select the newly created connector Configuring Connector for Outbound Email Traffic.
    Figure 3: Select connector
  8. Click on Add exception and select the point The sender is located... > Outside the organization from the drop-down menu Except if....
    Figure 4: Add exception
  9. Save the settings.

    From now on, outgoing emails to recipients inside your company will be routed to our infrastructure before being delivered to their respective recipients. Among other things, this enables their archiving.

A new transport rule for internal emails has been set.