Offboarding after Termination of the Trial Period or Cancellation

Delete the configuration for Microsoft 365 to get emails if you do not use 365 Total Protection anymore.

At the end of the 365 Total Protection trial period, if you no longer wish to use the product, or if you canceled 365 Total Protection at any time, you will need to make some settings in your Microsoft 365 configuration to ensure that your emails are delivered.

  1. Delete or deactivate the connector for the inbound email traffic. (firewall setting)
  2. If you have changed the outbound email traffic, delete or deactivate this connector as well. (Relaying)

    Information on how to delete or disable the connectors in your Microsoft 365 environment can be found here: Deleting or Deactivating the Connector.

  3. Remove the MX records in the DNS zone of your domains.

Your emails will then no longer be routed through our services.