Opening an Encrypted Email

Open the encrypted email which you have received and activate 365 Total Encryption for your mailbox.

  • You have installed your personal certificate.
  • You have received the encrypted email to activate 365 Total Encryption.
  1. Open the email with the header Mailbox Encryption:Activation.

    You can only read this email if you have installed your personal certificate correctly. If you cannot read the email, this can have several reasons:

    • Your email client has not imported your personal certificate automatically. Please import the certificate manually into your email client according to the instructions of the client provider.
    • Your personal certificate has not been properly installed on your operating system. Please reinstall the certificate.
    • The email remains encrypted despite all suggested solutions. Please contact the support.
  2. Important:

    Only click on the activation link after you have installed the certificate for all clients on all devices on which the mailbox is registered.

    Click on the activation link in the email.
  3. Restart the email client to activate the encryption of your mailbox.

The activation of 365 Total Encryption for your mailbox has been finished correctly: All already existing and future sent and received email messages are stored encrypted in the Microsoft Cloud. From now on, the emails can only be read with the private certificate.