About 365 Total Encryption

365 Total Encryption is an additional feature for 365 Total Protection which encrypts all existing and future incoming and outgoing email messages. Follow the steps in this manual in order to activate 365 Total Encryption for your domain.

365 Total Encryption has the following functions:

  • All incoming and outgoing emails are encrypted before they enter the Microsoft Cloud.
  • In Microsoft 365, all emails are stored encrypted so that only the authorized person with the private key can have access.
  • Existing mailboxes are automatically subsequently encrypted when 365 Total Protection is activated.
Figure 1: How 365 Total Encryption works:

365 Total Encryption has the following advantages:

  • Confidential company data in emails is protected.
  • The data is safe even if an account has been hijacked successfully.
  • Authorities and secret services cannot spy out your data.